Hydro-Blok Corporate Video Production Day at RCH Jobsite!

The construction schedule on any given day, at a jobsite can create a congested and veritable beehive of activity. And, our current project in the Innis Arden neighborhood of Shoreline, WA is humming! Recently, an unusual group of visitors, a video production team from the Hydro-Blok company joined in with folks from Greater Seattle Floors, to capture the install of a fantastic shower pan that eliminates the need for a traditional circular shower drain, in favor of a trench drain option that can be curbless/lipless. The linear drain threshold ensures that water remains within the shower stall. This is project's master bathroom shower is both aesthetically pleasing and allows for ADA accessibility!


We are astounded, humbled and encouraged by the numbers of clients who return for additional projects with us at Rainier Custom Homes! In custom construction, the solutions are as unique as each client. We pick-up on existing client relationships and continue to help clients navigate the complexity and myriad of options with their custom projects—options that would marvel Henry Ford, who only first offered the Model-T Ford in any color, as long as it was black. With the advances in construction technology, we continue to help clients meet their particulars, needs and dreams.

And to us, our lifetime clients are so much more than a repeat customer. These folks actively decide to return to do business with us and go out of their way to do so. This dedication to RCH confirms that the qualities of trustworthiness, positive communication, willingness to learn, authenticity and engagement exist within the company’s DNA. Throughout the company’s 22 years in business, our goal to be remarkable is confirmed, as folks continue to partner with us—looking to us to deliver high quality projects with clear communication and integrity.

If you’ve got a project that you’d like to build, reach out to us today, we’d love to catch up with you and discuss your dreams! 

Image Source: http://wordpress.mrreid.org/2007/20/05/boomerang/

Image Source: http://wordpress.mrreid.org/2007/20/05/boomerang/