Our goal is to ‘Be Remarkable’ on every project we undertake and create clients for life! Similarly, we want our staff to work for a remarkable company where they can invest their skills and grow their career for life. Rainier Custom Homes has an open position for Carpenter. The position is intended to be fulltime and long term. Applicants should email resumes to:


Rainier Custom Homes Carpenter Job Description

Rainier Custom Homes Carpenter

Title: Carpenter
Reports To:  COO
Headquarters:  Renton, WA
Hours:  Full Time
Compensation: Hourly & Health insurance program

Summary Description: The Carpenter is responsible for carrying out each task from start to finish, completing required reports and paper trails, and representing RCH in achieving job site quality, cleanliness, and customer satisfaction. This position is expected to project the company’s philosophy of dedication to people, excellence, “self-management,” & integrity.

Primary Position Requirements:

  • Perform carpentry work at expert level, requesting help as needed. Assign and supervise other carpenters and support staff.
  • Ensure that on-site subs, support staff and employees adhere to the company’s policies regarding safety, cleanliness, alcohol, drug use, parking and smoking, and customer consideration.
  • Work effectively with the Project Manager/ Superintendent, notifying him/her of any questions and discrepancies, and of any possible delays or conditions that will affect the schedule or budget. Identify alternative recommendations or solutions.
  • Demonstrate pride in customer service, craftsmanship, site management, and team work.
  • Prepare final material take-offs and effectively plan ahead for all material orders.
  • Represent RCH in all dealings with customers, stringently enforcing the company’s policy of no loud radios, no abusive language or behavior, no smoking in buildings, etc.
  • Maintain the company’s typical workday schedule.
  • Communicate with the Project Manager on a regular basis to report the progress of inspections, manpower requests, special material requests, and overall job scheduling and client concerns.


  • Five years’ experience in successful carpentry position.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Troubleshooter and problem solver.
  • Commitment to an open philosophy of communication, growth and development, Integrity, customer service, and team work, demonstrating a consistent willingness to Follow through and resolve all problems, and to get the job done.
  • Clean, functional and dependable truck or van that mirrors the RCH image.
  • Own and maintain a complete array of construction power and hand tools.


  • Empathy: Ability to build strong, meaningful subcontractor/supplier partnerships where all involved are considered and benefit from working together for the common good of the client and project.
  • Integrity: Ability to always stand by what you say and do. Ability to own decisions and consequences regardless of outcome.
  • Must have a positive attitude and approach all projects with a ‘can do’ attitude.  In addition,  applicant must be completely trustworthy.
  • Dresses and grooms appropriately, as per company policy.
  • Ensures that a clean and organized jobsite is always maintained, including protection of the clients and company’s property.
  • Demonstrates high integrity and accountability.
  • Responds flexibly and takes action to directives in a positive manner.


  • Displays courtesy and sensitivity in all dealings with customers, regardless of personality differences.
  • Consistently promotes a professional image to the public and to other staff.
  • Good custodian of company and client’s property and goods.
  • Responds effectively to customer/staff requests.
  • Uses good judgment.
  • Follows and enforces company policies on foul language, radios, alcohol/drug use, parking smoking, and customer considerations.
  • Uses problem-solving skills to resolve problems effectively in the earliest stages.
  • Completes assignments and finishes tasks on schedule.
  • Displays commitment to excellence; is accurate and thorough.
  • Takes steps to avoid wasting time, money or materials through organization, purchase, and minimized usage waste and/or recycling.

Work Environment (Fit):

  • Family company
  • Relationship based
  • Owner expects responsiveness, ability to follow systems and process to assure each client gets a “remarkable” experience, as well as the ability to remember and follow through on what is asked.
  • Owner encourages candor, regardless of position in firm.

Please submit your resume to