A recent RCH team meeting, lead by Jason CP Jarman, President & Owner, along with team members brainstorming The One Thing.

In addition to attending the daily work within each of our roles here at RCH, our team also gathers regularly, to share updates and plans. In part, we participate in encouraging team building exercises, which often allow us a pause from our regular perspectives, to consider new ideas. Throughout this business quarter, we’re reviewing The One Thing, by Gary Kellar. Essentially, learning the principle about how to “dismiss distractions and concentrate on your ONE Thing (which) stands between you and your goals. The ONE Thing is about getting extraordinary results in every situation.”  And, learning to apply the principle to any business or personal topics.

Let the brainstorming begin! The group-think allowed leadership to cast vision while aligning the team. And, with a few prompts on a specific business focus, RCH team members contributed terrific ideas and solutions. Remarkable!