We want to give a shout out to Andrey’s Stucco & Masonry for their terrific stucco installation at our Innis Arden project! RCH Project Manager, Adin Houck describes this house as “A Mediterranean with a contemporary twist.” Clean lines and controlled ornamentation will set the tone of this fantastic dwelling, which is perched on a ridge in Shoreline, overlooking the Puget Sound.

Stucco is both an attractive and durable exterior siding material that is relatively low-maintenance. The Pacific Northwest is notoriously soggy. Keeping this in mind, protecting the building envelope from moisture is essential. Stucco is a great solution for homes in our region. Think this product is limited to Spanish and Mediterranean aesthetics? Think again, stucco is used on many other prominent architectural styles: Mission, Craftsman, French, Italianate, Tuscan, Modern, Art Deco, Renaissance, Revival, Southwest Styles and Tudor. This popular concrete finish can even have color integrated into the mix prior to installation, resulting in a colored stucco that does not require painting, the color sets during the curing process. 

We are excited to share more updates with you, as this project continues to shape up. Check back on the blog in the coming months.